Understand the impact of meetings on others and enhance your leadership skills.

Keep meetings on track by aligning agendas with future outcomes for maximum productivity.

Define clear objectives and reasons for meetings to drive meaningful discussions and decisions.

About the Checklist for Running Effective Meetings

Our free checklist equips leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, church leaders, and non-profit organizations with the tools to become more self-aware of the impact of meetings. By following our guidelines, you will learn to keep meetings efficient, on track, and purposeful, ensuring every gathering contributes to your goals.

Meet the Creator of the Checklist

Hi, I'm Lisa Temple, and I understand the frustration of sitting through ineffective meetings. That's why I created this checklist to help you transform your approach to meetings. With years of experience in leadership roles, I know the importance of making every meeting count. Join me on this journey to make your meetings impactful and valuable.

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